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    Show opening Gallery Zehntscheuer, Möglingen (2016)

Alexander Christoph Sterzel / Peter Diedenhofen

Music by Alexander Christoph Sterzel, 2016

Video by Peter Blaha












"In Memoriam Defunctorum" (2016)

Alexander Christoph Sterzel:
Remembering People We Loved And Lost
Music & Artwork (Styx) by Alexander Christoph Sterzel, 2016








Concept: Thomas Sing, Chiara Padovan, Alexander Sterzel, Zoé Kerosin, Jens Moiré, Mara Ilea.

Model: Mara Ilea / Juliette
Music / Visual Effects / Edit: Jens Moiré.
Clothes by Zoé Kerosin and stylists own.
Styling: Chiara Padovan / Zoé Kerosin .
Body painting environment: Alexander Sterzel.
Camera: Alexander Sterzel / Jens Moiré.
Light: Thomas Sing.
Location: Thomas Sing Studios, Augsburg.



  MECHANOSPHÄRE (Hypnos & Psyche 4) (2012)

A surrealist video, part of Hypnos & Psyche cycle by Thomas Sing
direction & camera: Thomas Sing & Alexander Sterzel
editing: Thomas Sing
music: Jens Moiré
lighting: Chiara Padovan

Humpler designed by Rolf Kohlhammer.

© 2012 by Thomas Sing, Alexander Sterzel & Jens Moiré
all rights reserved



  8 images "Phase IV - Recycled and Wounded Photography" (2006-2009)