IHLET- Florida USA Alexander Sterzel:

Alexander Sterzel

German Strychnin Art

Creepy and bizarre portraits depicting real relationships and elaborated facial expressions of just about anyone the artist can think of makes Alexander Sterzel one of the best in Strychnin art. Based in Stuttgart, Germany. Alexander has used various media, including oil on canvas, sculpture, scrapbook, the studio and film, to present his unique artistic vision.

He became one of the artists of Mowa (Museum of Weird Art) last December 2009 to be officially counted as one of those "who share a passion for art and weird art in particular". He uses faded colors and tints making his art works appear timeless, and almost scary. Most of his portraits appear to either have ruptured or gouged eyes with sockets still dripping with blood, creating horrific images and almost audible whispers in your mind. Wonder how it is to be inside his gallery.