Artists: Christopher Conn Askew [United States], Of the Wand and the Moon [Denmark], Martin Bladh [Sweden], Suka Off [Poland], Alexander Sterzel [Germany], KiEw [Germany], Michaela Knížová [Slovak Republic], Enfant Terrible [Holland].

The Spheres Virtual Gallery presents: N-SPHERE | THE VERTEX, first printed issue of the N-Sphere Art Magazine. Starting December 2011 you can have your favorite artists in your home: Christopher Conn Askew, Suka Off, Alexander Sterzel, Of The Wand And The Moon, Martin Bladh, KiEw, Enfant Terrible, Michaela Knížová.

Keep an eye out for the exclusive content brought to you by The Vertex
inside the 68 full color pages. Brand-new artwork, interviews and statements from the artists wait to be discovered in both the printed issue and the special online release of N-Sphere.

informations: http://sfere.ro/

order: http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/n-sphere-the-vertex-tome-i/18717272